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Christian Counseling for Couples and Individuals

Gain Clarity and Deeper Connection

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Couples Therapy in Austin, Texas
Premarital Counseling
Individual Therapy for Anxiety and Codependency
Christian Faith-Based Counseling
Hi! I'm Grace.
Life can feel like stumbling around in the dark - you're triggered by things you don't understand, you react in ways you don't like, and you know deep down that things aren't lining up but you're not sure why. I'm here to help you better understand yourself, heal from past hurts, and have healthy, thriving relationships. 

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Therapy For People Who Want Answers


  • You're capable and driven in so many areas of life, but deep down you know you're making decisions out of fear.

  • You find that you don't like the way you react to things--it just happens before you can stop it.

  • You have a hard time saying no, and you often put others' needs before your own. You feel spread too thin and it leaves you feeling resentful.

  • You long for closer relationships, yet you're uneasy when people get too close.


  • You weren't modeled a healthy relationship growing up so you feel utterly lost in how to have one.

  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries feels foreign and even at times "mean."

  • You swore you would never be like your parents, yet you find yourself talking and acting like them in the worst ways.

  • You're tired of arguments that get you nowhere and leave you feeling defeated.

  • You want intimacy and trust, but you fear conflict so you don't know how to have honest conversations anymore.

  • You just feel things could be so much better in your relationship, but you don't know where to start or what tools you need to get there.

If any of this sounds familiar, you're not alone.
Therapy can help.

  • Gain insight and understanding into how your childhood and background affects how you experience the world, yourself, and your relationships as an adult

  • Grow your capacity to manage stress and anxiety

  • Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Practice effective communication skills that will help foster genuine connection

  • Learn to have safe and effective conflict where you know you will be heard and change will occur

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Understand how your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviors and learn to live free from fear, dread, and overthinking.

Couples Therapy

Navigate conflict, heal rifts, and foster safe, connected, and honest intimacy in your relationship. 


Open conversations about the important stuff. Let's se a solid foundation for your future together.

Christian Counseling

I am a faith-based counselor, meaning that my faith informs my work. It's my joy to work with you to integrate your faith journey with your mental, emotional, and relational health goals. I do not provide Biblical or pastoral counseling.


I have solid clinical training which enables me to work with you whether you are a Christian, come from a different faith background, or prefer not to integrate any faith background into our work together.

My Approach and Methods

Anxiety Treatment, Couples Therapy, Faith Integration

Learn more about how I work with you to achieve your goals.

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